Hornet director Julia Pott has created a new series, Summer Camp Island, for Cartoon Network, whose Season 1 aired on July 7, 2018. Be sure to check out the opening sequence of this charmingly original and heartwarmingly hilarious series.  Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, Summer Camp Island follows two childhood best friends Oscar Peltzer, an elephant, and Hedgehog, a mammal of the same name, who are dropped off at a magical summer camp. 

The camp is a host to many bizarre occurrences, such as camp counselors who are popular girl witches, horses that transform into unicorns, talking sharks, yetis, haunted cabins, post-it notes that lead to other dimensions, and nosey monsters that live under the bed. Race to Cartoon Network to check out the full series!

Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2016
Ottawa Animation Festival, Canada, 2016
New Chitose Airport Festival, Japan, 2016
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Fantastic Fest, Austin, 2016
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Honourable Mention, Best Animated Series for Young Audiences, Ottawa Animation Festival 2016
Best Short, Fantastic Fest, 2016
Runner Up, Audience Awards, Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016
Special Jury Mention, AFI Fest, 2016
Audience Award, Providence Children's Film Festival, 2017
Special Jury Award, San Francisco Film Festival, 2017
Best Animated Short, Provincetown Film Festival, 2017