Leo Burnett and Amazon approached Hornet and director Peter Sluszka to lend his creativity to their vision for Prime Day. July 12th marks Amazon’s 2nd Annual Prime Day, a global, mid-year shopping holiday for its Prime customers to receive online deals. The truly integrated campaign combines broadcast and print advertising along with digital, social media and a site takeover.
Drawing inspiration from the delivery method of Amazon, Peter and his team of artists handcrafted a city made of Amazon’s well-known cardboard boxes. Utilizing in-camera, stop-motion techniques, the spot explores a whimsical yet contemporary metropolis with cardboard as its brick and mortar. The paper craft visuals extend to the cars, landmarks and even the people, all connected by the Amazon pins showing the range of the brand’s services and deals. The end result is a perfect blend of story-telling and artistry, proving that sometimes it's okay to think inside the box.