When the director of BUNRAKU came across the short film Tyger by Guilherme Marcondes, he was captivated by the combination of puppetry and animation used in the piece. He knew that Marcondes could tackle the challenge of making a storytelling sequence that could set the stage for his new movie. Marcondes was given the creative autonomy to direct a title sequence that used elements of live action puppetry, 2D and 3D animation to explain the backstory of the universe in which BUNRAKU takes place.

The opening title sequence for BUNRAKU serves as a timeline for this fictional world, starting before the dawn of man when pre-historic animals were fighting for survival and against each other. We move through the timeline of the history of violence in mankind and find ourselves knee deep into a third world war. With a complete collapse of power, the countries eventually decide to ban all weapons and we emerge with a new world order for this action packed thriller starring Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore and Japanese star Gackt.

The title sequence was entirely fabricated and shot at the Hornet Workshop in Brooklyn.

Art of the Title personally interviewd Gui about the project and the work that took place behind the camera for this piece. Check out the full story here.