Peter Sluszka directed the animation sequences for Miguel Arteta’s major motion picture Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp starring actor Michael Cera. Peter worked closely with the director and the star to create the animation used in the opening title sequence and the end credits. Sluszka also directed Cera in a pixelation sequence that follows his character, Nick, and his friend, Vijay, on a road trip, as well as a scene with Nick seen hallucinating a lovemaking couple as they float off the pages of an instructional book. Live action, stop motion, claymation and pixilation were just some of the techniques Peter used for this project.



Peter Sluszka, winner of various awards and accolades, may be the most calm and patient director in the business. With strong roots in stop motion, it’s easy to understand why. It also helps that he's gleaned a thing or two from his time working alongside the legendary Michel Gondry.

Peter is a skilled mixed-media director, but above all, he is a clever designer and a fabrication whiz. It's not uncommon to find him fully immersed in a project and getting his hands dirty with set design, fabrication, or even animation.

Having directed original content  animation, commercial productions, music videos, television series and feature films, Peter's portfolio is brimming with live action, CG and stop-motion feats. He’s manipulated everything from traditional foam latex puppets to meat, origami, snow, yarn and (literally) tons of clay.