Garden Friends is an app that blends the real world with a colorful dash of augmented reality. With art direction from Hornet director Eran Hilleli and programming from Nicole He, this AR+Voice experiment uses 3D characters and speech recognition to create a playful, personalized world in which users can either grow or destroy a virtual garden. Through the power of speech analysis, the game can pick up on what users are saying, and how they're saying it. Say nice things, the plants will grow; mean things, and they'll die. According to Eran, he had "endless fun experimenting" with this one.



It was Eran Hilleli’s senior year at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel, when he created Between Bears—a delicate short film with a minimalist yet bold aesthetic. The video was quickly recognized throughout the animation industry for its complex story, subdued color palette, and graceful use of negative space, and proceeded to take ‘Best Animation’ at the inaugural Vimeo Awards in New York that same year.

Fascinated by simple shapes and fantastical worlds, Eran has a great appreciation for projects that leave room for interpretation—his work as Animation Director on music video Boy’s Latin for indie rockstar Panda Bear is a prime example. His film Three and a Half Seconds About Life showcases Eran's savviness for beautifully-styled animation, cinematic flair, and spot-on, humorous timing. Posts on Eran’s personal website, Tumblr, and Vimeo pages have had a knack for rapidly turning into viral sensations, including the live show visuals he created for a project commissioned by EDM Artist Skrillex.