Based on the 2011 short film, Goat and Aaron, From the Fort further explores the theme of a boy dealing with the fall-out of his parent’s divorce. Ten year old George wants nothing more than for his family to be together. When his home life begins to unravel he does what any ten year old boy would do- he builds a massive fort. When an unexpected repair causes George to set out in search of materials, he finds himself on an epic journey made all the more difficult by a persistent threat that’s never far behind him. Along the way he meets a loner named Pancake and together they traverse far-out lands and encounter out-of-this-world characters as they attempt to fix what’s been broken in both their lives.

Seamlessly moving between realistic and fantastic worlds, From the Fort is a visually arresting, jarringly imaginative film that will delight and surprise audiences. It’s currently in development and available for option.