Island Records and Sigrid approached Moth with the idea of creating a music video for her song "Focus" that would deal with heartache in an unconventional way. To contrast the sweet and sensitive nature of the song, Moth came up with the concept of a bold, frantic, yet tender landscape that would explore the experience of heartbreak through a series of inward bodily reactions, rather than the typical outward manifestations. In this landscape, memories inhabit organs like the heart, brain, gut, and eyes. Over the course of the animation, we see the organs struggle with these memories—twisting, turning, compressing, and fracturing to expel them from the body. At the climax of the track, a decision is made to reinterpret these memories and absorb them back into the body. Color and life ultimately flow back into the organs, turning heartbreak into an experience of growth rather than defeat.

Starting with a range of colours now associated with Sigrid's bright and bold aesthetic, Moth created different 'worlds' for each organ, employing various animation techniques and software to give that part of the body its own unique look and feel.